Measure twice. But measure the right thing…

There was a time when TVs were like small fridges with blurry, curved screens, and 1080 was just a pesticide.  One day we will tell our children and grand children, and they will laugh, and then we will realise how absolutely ridiculous those old things were.

That time (for me) was only last year.  But the local Dick Smith (not a variation of ‘Lock Smith’ or ‘Gold Smith’, but an electronics chain store in New Zealand) was having a sale.

I had my eye on a shiny, slim 37″ Sony Bravia model, and since it was clearance stock the salesman said we would save a whole bunch of money by buying it.  My wife cautiously agreed – on one condition; that it fit into our current TV cabinet.  So I looked up the model on the internet, measured twice, checked thrice, and it would fit easy!  So you can imagine my surprise when we had the TV home and it wouldn’t fit in the hole.  They must have given us the bigger model!

Sadly, no.  Seems I took the measurements without the stand.  Oops.  Now we have nowhere to put the TV and it seems I have another project to add to the list…

1950s TV

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