House on the hill

Every year, huge numbers of Kiwi’s migrate from the cities to their dream lifestyle blocks on the fringes of population.

Every year, equally huge numbers of disillusioned Kiwi’s migrate back to the city as they realise the rural-esque life is just not for them.

Having both been brought up up on lifestyle properties and farms, my wife and I at least have some idea of what will be in store for us.  Although possibly an endless search, we always have our eye out for that perfect location – not too far from civilization (and work) to be impractical, not too big to be unmanageable, not too rugged to be inaccessible, but of course beautiful, brimming with nature, and with a gorgeous view.  Not too much to ask for then.

This gives me a great excuse for another project – designing a hill house to take advantage of the view and sun.  I have some specific ideas, and so does my wife.  I want a rounded shape to hug the hill contour and follow the sun – she wants 90 degree corners so that furniture fits.  Luckily most of our requirements are complementary!

house on the hill

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