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I say: Do I have to?
Wife says: NOW!


It has been a long time between updates.  The nursery is complete!

Surprise, surprise – once Wife and I moved Son from our room to his own nursery, we seemed to get a lot more sleep.  I was almost as surprised as Wife when it was done.  It did drag on a bit – Son was already 12 months by the time he got his own room.


The stripper incident

On a recommendation from a friend, I hired a stripper.  A cheap stripper.

Now, you would think that a cheap stripper would do a nasty job, but this one had no problem steaming up the windows.  Even the wife was impressed.  She had a go herself.

I am, of course, talking about a wallpaper steamer/stripper.  At first we spent way too much time fruitlessly scratching at the wallpaper removing tiny scrap by tiny scrap.  The steamer, on the other hand, made amazingly quick work of the job.  Next time there will be no hesitation – $28 well spent.

The stripper at work

I often wonder about fashion.  What is fashionable now will look dated in a few years, appalling in 10, hilarious in 20, and be right back in fashion again in 30.  At least for those of us that don’t have vivid memories of it – Remember the 80’s anyone?

Paying homage to fashion over the ages are the various layers of wallpaper lovingly applied over the decades, and brutally removed by me:

Ok, paint, not really wallpaper. Dated

Decades old, hilarious!

The original. Actually, not bad!

The nursery

What started off as a loose flap of wallpaper way down in the corner of the room ended up as something much bigger.  Somehow.  Now more serious measures are required.  Like I needed an excuse to start another project…

We have a couple of paint test pots from the Resene ‘whites and neutrals’ range.  Quarter Akaroa, and quarter tea from memory.  We want a much lighter, neutral colour on the walls (currently sort of a dark khaki green), and then add some brightness with the wall hangings and other bits and pieces.