I love impracticality

Perhaps just eager to start a new project, or possibly realising the magnitude of building a full-size sports car from scratch, one of my latest project ideas is to build an urban personal vehicle.

Urban personal transportation is just a spiffy name for a small vehicle that carries a single person and is meant for city driving. In other words; a tiny vehicle with no air bags, crash protection or other safety features; no modern conveniences or driver comfort; a pathetic travel range; and no room for a wife/child/friend, or even a bag of groceries.  Extremely impractical – I like it already!

Many examples of these already exist.  Here is one of my favourite from yester-year, the Peel P50, as featured in an hilarious Top Gear feature where Clarkson drove it to his office.  All the way to his office.

Peel P50 - World's smallest production car

Image from Indiaserver.com

2 thoughts on “I love impracticality”

  1. With bubs on the way I suggested that a two-seater scratch-built sports car wasn’t very family-friendly. I didn’t expect the alternative to be this – I guess now I’m being left at home too!

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