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I say: Keep baby in.
Wife says: Good idea.
I say: OMG! Wife agrees.

Time to close the gate

Wife has left me and Son today for a trip to Europe.  For the next 3 weeks I have sole charge of my Son.  I still haven’t finished the TV cabinet.  Or the sports car.  And now with a toddler to occupy my attention I will have even less time for DIY.

So I decided to start another project.

Wife will be thrilled!

It came to me that I would have more time to finish my projects if Son could roam the backyard with no fear of him toddling out on to the road.  What I need are some gates across the driveway to stop him getting in to trouble.  But of course no ordinary gate will do.  And besides, I have new tools to break in.  So I have decided on double wooden vertical-slat gates on castor wheels with full mortise and tenon joints.

How hard can it be.

Vertical slat gates

But, hang on! Won’t making the gates take time?  And don’t I need more time to finish my current projects?  Sigh.  It’s a bit like buying a wallet with your last cash to keep your cash in…