Bagus Completus

Finally, after several weeks of sporadic needle work, the iPad bag is finally complete.

Well, sort of.  The carry strap is still not quite done, but I want to mark a project ‘complete’ so bad that I’m going to ignore that little discrepancy.

The bag took a little longer than expected, as once the leather straps had been sewn around the outside of the bag I realised that they didn’t line up. This required some expletives, followed by un-stitching and restitching of part of the straps.

I now own a matching set of carry bag and iPad sleeve made from an ex-WWII haversack, and leather offcuts left over from furniture making.  The bag is much smaller and lighter than a laptop bag, but big enough to hold the iPad, charger,cables, dock, livescribe notepad and pen and various other items I require for business travel.

Bag Complete

Matching Set

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