Sleevus Completus

Following a delivery from Birdsall leather & craft in Australia I was finally able to finish the iPad sleeve.  My wife was gob-smacked that I had actually completed something, which was probably the best part of this project.  I just didn’t tell her that the sleeve was done, but the bag was nowhere near finished yet 🙂

The canvas flap (made from left-over canvas from the ex-WWII haversack) was already hemmed, and the corners sewn over.  The next step was to attach this to the leather sleeve.  Once that was done the final step was to use a leather scrap as the anchor for the harness post to close the bag.

Sleevus Completus!

Flap stitch detail

Flap in progress

Sleeve complete

Detail of completed sleeve

4 thoughts on “Sleevus Completus”

  1. Very sexy, I really like the style, there’s something really doctor who about it. Looking forward to borrowing your new found leather working skills on my case.

  2. @Mum, my Dad would not be impressed if I took all *his* projects. He needs his own projectitis website.

  3. @Glen, It does look quite old-skool doctor. With the matching bag (in progress) especially! Happy to help with your creation. It takes some time to complete but very gratifying when it is done.

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