Star Trekking

Star trekking across the universe
Only going forward ’cause we can’t find reverse

Scratch-built and kit cars based on motorcycle power-plants have long suffered from this Star Trekking ailment. No reverse gear to be found.

Some vehicles utilise a separate gearbox for reverse, or sometimes an electric motor for that purpose.  Others, such as the Peel 50 and the Isetta, had no reverse gear at all, so you had to have a mate handy to push you out of the garage or parking space.

I recently came across a small motorcycle engine (250cc) that has a reverse gear built directly in to the transmission.  This may seem slightly illogical – you’d have to be some sort of stunt devil to ride a motorcycle backwards – until you discover that the engine is meant for an ATV.  Doing some further research proved that this same manufacturer (Lifan, a large and very well known brand in China) has a score of engines with reverse gears.

In the interest of maintaining a list of motorcycle engines with reverse gears, here is the start of my list:

Suggestions to add to the list welcome!

Cirbin V13R reverse trike

Campagna V13R reverse trike
Harley Davidson powered 1250cc V-twin. With mechanical reverse gearbox 🙂

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