Renovating a vintage caravan

O.k., so 1979 may not be vintage, but it is almost as old as I am.  That makes it pretty old.

We’ve decided that a caravan is the ideal way to encourage us to get out more and see this beautiful land of ours.  I was also desperate for another project.  Wife, being her usual  commonsensical self, has suggested we use the caravan for a season before doing any work on it.  That way we can find out what we actually want to change on it before pulling out the power tools.  Bleh. Boring 🙂

We selected a pop-up/pop-top trailer caravan because it is easier to tow, and easier to store at home.  There are some great canvas-sided caravans out there, but as soon as we saw this solid-sided model we had to have it.  This is a 1979 Liteweight Expander, originally produced by Liteweight Caravans in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Let the renovations begin!


2 thoughts on “Renovating a vintage caravan”

  1. Been looking at this style pop up for a little while and I am really interested in seeing your revamp of this old girl. Keen for your next post about this project.

  2. Hi Miles – Thanks for your comment. I love the camper, but unfortunately it doesn’t suit our family that well at the moment. With the fold-out ends there is absolutely loads of space in it, that’s not a problem. However, folding it up and down to pack/unpack with a 1yr old and a 3yr old running around like lunatics is quite an ordeal. I’ll be doing some repairs to it (including a new ceiling inside made of Bamboo) closer to summer (which I will post), but then I’ll likely be selling it and buying a ‘normal’ caravan to renovate instead!

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