Every journey…

…starts with the first step. Step scooter, that is!

As you are probably well aware if you have spent more than a fleeting second on this site, I have aspirations to one day build my own scratch-built sports car. In recent years these aspirations have been down-graded from a 300km/h hair-raiser, to a single-seater motorcycle-engine driven urban transport, to a chainsaw-driven street legal go-kart, and finally (my current plan) an electric step/kick scooter for the daily commute.

Have to start somewhere, right?

It’s not all bad news though. Building a car is a journey, and because I don’t possess all the fabrication skills I will need yet, starting off small means I can learn the skills and experiment on something less expensive before tackling the next size up.

The donor scooter is a 16″ wheel steel framed scooter more than capable of holding an adults weight. Rather than spend a lot of time on the power-train I have ordered a 16″ wheel e-bike conversion kit direct from China at a ridiculous price. Instead, my fabrication efforts will go into the aesthetics of the scooter, which is much more interesting to me. I’d like to try my hand at wood bending…

Vespa Daniela

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