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I’m an avid EUC (Electric Unicycle) rider. I currently own a Begode T4 offroad style wheel and the tiny Begode MTen3. Recently my daughter, 11, started to learn on my smaller wheel. She’s picked it up very quickly, and after just a couple of days we’ve already started going on longer rides together.

Miss 11 is very very keen to explore different places around our beautiful country (New Zealand), so we came up with a cool way of making it even more fun.

Me and Miss 11 on our Electric Unicycles in Foxton, New Zealand
Me and Miss 11 on our Electric Unicycles in Foxton, New Zealand

Introducing the concept of Chestnut Tours!

Like a chestnut, a chestnut tour is just a little nut of a tour. We try to make it something we can do in a couple of hours – but how long is really up to you. CHESTNUT is an acronym for the things that we try and achieve at each new place we visit on our wheels.

  • Culture: See something with cultural significance
  • History: Visit something historical
  • Explore: Go somewhere off the beaten track (e.g. offroad, or back streets)
  • Sight: See a beautiful sight, like a lookout
  • Treat: Have a treat!
  • Nature: Visit a nature spot, or look for birds or animals
  • Unique: See or experience something unique to that place, that you can’t do anywhere else
  • Treasure: Find a treasure. Maybe a beautiful shell, flower, market item, or geocache

You can make up your own rules, but here are some of ours:

  • One spot can totally cover multiple things. For example, visiting a Maori Pa site would be Culture, History and Sight all at the same time!
  • We tend to get the same treats in each place, so that we can compare and see who has the best in New Zealand! I get an iced coffee, and Miss 11 gets an iced (or hot) chocolate.
  • We also like geocaching, so for our Treasure we try and find at least one cache.

We’ve only just started this Chestnut Tours idea, so will keep updating on how it’s going. Maybe we’ll even keep a tour map. What do you think of this idea?

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