Boxing the bits

The design of my scooter is fairly minimalist.  It would be great if it didn’t need a battery and controller, but unfortunately it does.  And even more unfortunately they are huge and weigh a tonne.

I decided to house everything in a single box that serves double purpose as the seat.  The battery (about the same size and weight as a car battery) and the battery management system (BMS) live at the bottom, and the controller (with all the cable connections) lives upstairs in a separate compartment.  I’m still waiting on some electrical plugs and bits and pieces to be delivered, but in the meantime have constructed the box.

The box width and depth snugly fit the battery, standing on its end, surrounded by packing foam.  The height is designed for a comfortable seat position, which luckily leaves a nice compartment above the battery for the controller.  The box is constructed of 9mm ply, with 20×20 pine for structural elements, glued together. The front and rear faces of the box are bolted on with M6 bolts that bolt into these whatchamacallits that screw into the timber and have a thread to accept the bolts.  This allows the box to be easily opened for repair if required.  I mean, when required.

Battery box showing charging plug

Battery box open showing controller above battery

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