TV has a home

Wife informs me that this project took 3 years and 10 months to complete.  I told her that the last Olympics didn’t seem like it was that long ago, and the TV cabinet was quicker.  She wasn’t impressed.

Here it is. The TV has a new home.  When the cabinet was started, the little man modelling it wasn’t even in the picture!  It features drawers (upper left and right) to hold CDs and DVDs.  Beneath those the doors fold out and down on cabinet style hinges – these to hold the Wii etc.  Tinted glass doors open to reveal an adjustable height shelf.

Many drama’s unfolded and were solved (or cludged) during this build, including:

  • The drawer faces on the left are pine, whereas the rest is Macrocarpa.  They needed to be stained darker to match.
  • One of the internal walls had cut-outs made on the wrong edge before I realised it was turned 90 degrees. The botch-up is at the back 🙂
  • The glass doors were too wide and overlapped in the middle. A local glass company cut them down 2mm each.
  • I cursed and swore at my ‘cheap, useless’ tools for not cutting straight edges when in fact the cabinet was almost 10mm off-square!  Fixing the top in-place rectified that.

But I get to tick another off the list!  What to start next….

Son modelling the new TV cabinet

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