Keeping score

Maybe for the first time on any project, I’ll be keeping an up-to-date record of effort and costs 🙂

DescriptionPrep/planning timeBuilding timeCost (NZD)
Measuring and sketching all critical dimensions of interior and exterior before any work begins.1.5hrs
Purchasing trailer tarp and eyelet kit. Sewing corners into a fitted weather cover, and adding eyelets.2hrs$60.00
Removing roof and washing roof.1.5hrs
Shopping online and at local retailers for all the required parts5hrs
Purchase: 2x bamboo ply panels (1220 x 2440) from Three Brothers Building Center (Auckland)$138.00
Purchase: 24x 3W MR11 LED bulbs from AliExpress$67.62
Purchase: 4x 12v 1A LED drivers from AliExpress$31.48
Purchase: 12x MR11 downlight mounts from AliExpress$114.24
Purchase: 5m LED strip lighting from AliExpress$11.70
Purchase: 5m aluminium LED rail from AliExpress$76.16
Purchase: 4-gang wireless light switches (x2) and wireless control unit from AliExpress$119.00
Purchase: 12v batteries for lighting remote control$8.99
Purchase: 2x 5mm jack and plug from AliExpress$13.57
Purchase: Buttons for LED strip circuits$33.88
Purchase: Assorted electronic components (terminal blocks, wire etc)$4.40
Purchase: 12V 2000lb winch from savebarn (via TradeMe)$119.00
Purchase:Glue, gloves, cutting disc, sanding discs $55.44
Purchase: Fiberglass supplies (Acetone)$15.00
Purchase: Wire sanding brushes, builders bog$?
Purchase: Hardware for winch system$75.46
Purchase: Storage baskets for shelves$119.94
Purchase: Aluminium angle, box and bar for shelves and roof reinforcing$173.00
Remove old insulation and fittings from roof6hrs
Cutting, preparing and gluing central ceiling section 5hrs
Cutting bamboo panels1hr
Making shelves3hrs
Cutting holes for downlights1hr
Varnishing ceiling0.5hrs
Totals so far26.5hrs$1236.88


Just a cool caravan interior for motivation!

Airstream interior

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