Bend the brakes!

Before you can bond aluminium into any sort of useful structure, you have to cut and shape the sheets. Now – most of us don’t have access to a fully-furnished metal shop, and a $1000 heavy-duty sheet metal brake is probably not that high up on the shopping list. But don’t worry, there is hope for the DIYer.

I came across these comprehensive plans for a home-made sheet metal brake that look fantastic. ┬áThe plans are on ┬áThe builder of the brake, Dave Clay from Texas, crafted this tool in an afternoon for around US$75. I see another project on the horizon…

DIY brake by Dave Clay

2 thoughts on “Bend the brakes!”

  1. Hi Gerry. Thanks for the heads-up. Looks like the original has since been deleted, but after a quick Google search I found the plans somewhere else. I’ve updated the link in the post. Good luck!

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