Forking out the hard-earned’s

Most of the time having so many projects isn’t a problem.  All they take up is time.  But there comes a point in most project’s lives where you have to fork out some hard-earned beans.  That is usually the point for me where a project goes from being fun to being… something else.

The trouble is that once money has been spent on a project there is an obligation to see it through.  It goes from a ‘waste of time’ to a ‘waste of money’.  And most people (including myself) don’t have enough money to take that sort of thing lightly.  And many people (like myself) have wives that don’t take that sort of thing lightly, either.

Lucky for me then, spending money on my TV cabinet project has one big bonus – there is a lot of visible progress, which is a great incentive to keep the pace up!

Even though I am sorely tempted, it is probably better to pay $100 to get this timber dressed than to spend $1,000 on a thicknesser and do it myself, right?  So really, I am saving money…

The TV cabinet is being built out of Macrocarpa to match the coffee table.  All the timber is measured and tallied ready to bring to the joiner later this week where it will be beautifully dressed.

Timber stacked and ready to go

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