37 pattern webbing

My laptop weighs half a ton.  Because the battery only lasts 2 hours, whenever I travel the charger needs to come along for the ride, which weighs another 100kg.  The bulk of the two means I need a whopping great laptop bag, which weights an arm and a leg. The end result is like travelling with an elephant.

So I have ordered an iPad.

Of course, the iPad is a magical device, and so requires an equally magical bag to carry it in.  One a lot smaller than the old laptop bag.

The bags from temple bags are amazing, so I looked around on TradeMe for a bag the right size and with the right look to re-purpose into my own iPad-carrying creation.  I found a British ex-WWII pack designed in 1937 that will make the perfect base (’37 pattern webbing small pack, or haversack).




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